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Knowing how to talk to merchants about fraud and better help them manage it

Those certified by The Fraud Practice as an eCommerce Sales Professional understand more than the foundations of eCommerce payment processing and fraud management, but also understand the competitive market and diverse fraud vendor landscape, while knowing how to make sense of this market to provide client-specific solutions for managing payment fraud.


Certified eCommerce Sales Professionals have learned and been tested on the retention of key concepts and definitions regarding payment processing and fraud fundamentals. They are familiar with the many types of services and vendors in the competitive landscape and understand the components of merchant risk underwriting.

All eCommerce Sales Professionals additionally complete intermediate and advanced level training course and examinations focusing on management level risk discussions, operational management and managing fraud related to CNP channel payments. Sales Professionals not only understand and can help merchants make sense of the fraud solution landscape, they can help organizations navigate the tools and services available to identify what fits as a solution.

One of the key things I’ve taken away was that there were only a handful of fraud solution providers in the market a decade ago, and now there are over 100. The training program provides a more holistic approach to discussing the fraud vendors and techniques in the market and does a great job encompassing everything.

T. Hornbaker
eCommerce Certified Fraud Professional

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For more information about the course materials and information provided in the eCommerce Sales Professional Certification please visit the Certification Track information page here.



eCommerce Sales Professionals
Certified by The Fraud Practice

eCommerce Fraud Professionals Certified by The Fraud Practice have demonstrated a thorough understanding of the fraud prevention services competitive landscape and understand the difference between having a bag of tools and having a fraud solution. The majority of eCommerce Sales Professionals take on roles within their organization where they aid in direct-to-client sales either directly or in a leadership and management role. These are individuals with deep knowledge and expertise in to what specific types of tools, techniques and services can fit a merchant's payment and risk management needs.

All of those have completed the eCommerce Sales Professional Certification were currently working with fraud solution vendors to include identity, analytics, modeling, chargeback and operational providers. These include professionals with job titles such as Sales Executive, Sales Consultant, Sales Engineer and Sales Team Lead.

Those who have earned the eCommerce Sales Professional Certification have been prepared for such roles by gaining a strong understanding of the fraud vendor market and types of solution providers; knowing how to differentiate tools from signals and what goes in to building a full risk strategy and fraud solutions; and learning to discuss risk management and fraud with current and prospective merchant clients.

To complete the eCommerce Sales Professional Certification students must complete six individual courses, each with three or four lessons, quizzes and over an hour of instruction time. For each course they must pass an exam with a score of at least 80 percent, and there is a cumulative final they must also complete at the end.


Career Industries

eCommerce Sales Professionals represent the following industries:

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