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For those Concerned with risk management both Pre- and Post-Transaction

Professionals certified by The Fraud Practice as an eCommerce Operations Specialist have demonstrated a high level of knowledge and understanding regarding payment processing, risk management and chargeback management for eCommerce. They are able to lead both manual review and chargeback or post-transaction management teams.

Certified eCommerce Operations Specialists must learn and are tested on the retention of knowledge required by both Fraud Agents and Chargeback Specialists. At the foundation level this includes eCommerce payment processing from authorization to settlement and post-transaction management. Students are also taught and tested on the basics of eCommerce fraud to ensure a foundation level understanding of online fraud tactics, methods and motivations.

All eCommerce Operations Specialists additionally complete intermediate and advanced level training programs and examinations to show a detailed and high level understanding of key concepts, definitions and card association rules and regulations regarding post-transaction management. This includes managing retrieval requests or inquiries, performing chargeback reconciliation to learn from and prevent future chargebacks, and advanced chargeback reporting and analytics.

eCommerce Operations Specialist understand both first party fraud (friendly fraud) and third party fraud, and know signs to identify it both before and after a transaction is processed. Operations Specialist can detect many buyer fraud patterns and signals and understand the key components of establishing trust in an identity in the Custom Not Present channel.

For a merchant starting business, knowing about these training programs would save them a lot of trouble down the road. Unfortunately many don’t learn about fraud until it's too late.

B. Holmes
eCommerce Certified Fraud Professional

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eCommerce Operations Specialists
Certified by The Fraud Practice

eCommerce Operations Specialists are typically department heads, managers, directors or senior team members that are involved with operational processes for payment and risk management. Certified eCommerce Operations Specialists may be involved with manual order risk reviews, chargeback management and re-presentment, or both. They understand the relation of transaction screening and order approval management with chargeback rates and fraud, and usually hold a position of leadership or influence in these areas of operational and risk management.

eCommerce Operations Specialists are primarily represented by merchants with some Certification holders that represent acquirers and payment processors as well. These are generally leaders of in-house manual review staff and/or chargeback reconciliation and re-presentment teams. Operations Specialists often report directly to the Director of Risk Management and may lead teams of anywhere from 5 to 50 people.

Those who have earned the eCommerce Operations Specialist Certification include people with job titles such as Risk Operations Manager, Operational Manager, Manual Review Manager, Chargeback Operations Manager and many others. These typically involved job responsibilities such as handling high value order reviews and re-presentment cases; training and managing manual review teams and chargeback dispute analysts; as well as creating or updating manual review procedures, protocols and other formal documentation; providing recommendations on rule changes and operational management changes to increase operational efficiency.

To complete the eCommerce Operations Specialist Certification students must complete eight individual courses, each with three or four lessons, quizzes and over an hour of instruction time. For each course they must pass an exam with a score of at least 80 percent, and there is a cumulative final they must also complete at the end. These courses and examinations provide and demonstrate the retention of core concepts, techniques, definitions and regulations regarding eCommerce payments, fraud detection, identity, manual review, chargebacks and chargeback analytics for the CNP channel.


Career Industries

eCommerce Operations Specialists represent the following industries:

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