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Spring Training Promotion

For a Limited time receive a 10% discount on the eCommerce Fraud Professional Training and Certification program. The first 100 people to take advantage of this offer will also receive a free iPad Mini.

Spring Training has started, but the regular season will be here in April. Likewise, this promotional discount is only available through April 30th and only the first 100 to claim this offer will receive a free iPad Mini.* Register soon to claim your free iPad Mini in addition to the 10% discount.

Enroll Now to receive the 10% discount, or read more information about the eCommerce Fraud Professional Certification and Qualification Requirements.

ipad mini spring training promo

The Fraud Practice is offering a 10% discount for all who sign up for the eCommerce Fraud Professional Certification, our highest Certification level, but only through April 30th. The first 100 people to claim this offer will also receive a free iPad Mini.*

eCommerce fraud professional training certification CNP online

The eCommerce Fraud Professional Certification is a comprehensive training program intended for experienced professionals in the eCommerce payments and fraud space. This is an Advanced level training program and to become certified as an eCommerce Fraud Professional there are pre-qualification requirements. Candidates must meet all requirements and be eligible for the eCommerce Fraud Professional Certification to receive an iPad Mini. Find out more about the Qualification Requirements, or call The Fraud Practice at 1-888-227-0402.

Enrollment in The Fraud Practice's Online Training Programs is easy and takes just a few minutes. You'll first need an account in our online training portal which can be created here. This account can then be used to register in the eCommerce Fraud Professional Certification with the promotional price and offer.

* The Fraud Practice offers a 100% money back guarantee with our online training programs, but training customers are no longer eligible for a refund once an iPad Mini has been shipped. For this reason The Fraud Practice will hold shipment on the iPad Mini until the first 3 courses of the training program have been completed unless alternative arrangements are requested by the customer. For any questions regarding this matter please call The Fraud Practice at 1-888-227-0402.

Certified by The Fraud Practice

Online Training and Certification Tracks offered by The Fraud Practice are geared toward specific job roles and functions within an organization. Whether training new hires or existing staff, personnel focused on payments, operational management or risk management, there are certification programs that will benefit your business and professional development.

High Quality Online Training Programs
High QualityTraining Programs

We provide the highest quality professionally created and presented courses and Certification Tracks which are available on multiple platforms from anywhere in the world based on your schedule through our online training portal.

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Training Quotes
Training Testimonials
I have read a lot of fraud prevention books, and none of them organize or quantify the topics in such a useful and practical way. Fraud prevention books I have come across are often too theoretical and broad, but this is more about solving real business problems.

E. Gallo
Director of Global Risk Management,
Retail Decisions

For a merchant starting business, if they know about these training programs it would save them a lot of trouble down the road. Unfortunately many don’t learn about fraud until it is too late.

B. Holmes
eCommerce Certified Fraud Professional

The material is spot on, especially for someone who is either building an internal fraud solution or choosing an external one.

M. Wrobleski
Director Fraud & Risk, GSN Digital

The content is broken down into bite sizes, which gives me the ability to take lesson if I have 30 minutes at the end of the day. When at home I know I can take a lesson or two and not need to invest a whole lot of time.

T. Lee
Director of Product Marketing,
Transaction Network Services

It was a fantastic experience, I really enjoyed it. Having tenure and experience in the industry, I found value getting this external exposure, it provides a new perspective.

D. Billings
eCommerce Certified Fraud Professional

One of the key things I’ve taken away was the point that there were only a handful of fraud solution providers in the market a decade ago, and now there are over 100. The training program provides a more holistic approach to discussing the fraud vendors and techniques in the market and does a great job encompassing everything.

T. Hornbaker
eCommerce Certified Fraud Professional

Having done a project with David in the past I remember him speaking topics such as verification and authentication techniques in the CNP channel. The training program has provided a great review of these topics while also getting into areas I haven’t dealt with much in the past, it has become quite engaging.

T. Lee
Director of Product Marketing,
Transaction Network Services