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Fundamentals for selecting eCommerce Payment Options

As an eCommerce merchant or professional you need to be well versed in the options, capabilities and limitations of payment options you can make available to your customers. Doing business online means you have the capability to accept payments. But being able to accept payments isn’t enough, you also need to make sure the payment options you make available are the right payment types your customers will demand if you want to maximize your potential for sales conversion in the online channel.

There are many payment methods, payment preferences and nuances that vary across the world's regions. This course provides the means to group, discuss and compare the many alternative payment methods that exist in the market today.

Key Concepts Covered:

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After completing this course you should be able to answer and discuss the following questions:
(1) What are the possible ways consumers can pay for their purchases online and how are consumer online purchasing preferences changing? (2) Who are the 3 major entities that drive alternative payments and what verticals are most impacted by alternative payments? (3) How are eCommerce payment options grouped and what are the respective mind shares and market shares of these groups? (4) Who are some of the major players in the alternative payments space, what groups do they fall under and what markets do they serve?

Training Objectives: (1) Gain a basic understanding of the many ways consumers can pay for their purchases online. (2) Discuss who uses alternative payments and for what reasons. (3) Identify the eCommerce alternative payment methods and how they are categorized. (4) Discuss the major alternative payment providers that exist today, how they are grouped, their mind share and their market share.

Expected time to complete training: 90 minutes (includes quizzes and exam)

Course Applicability:

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Prerequisites: This is considered an Introductory level course and requires no previous knowledge or training on the subject matter.

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Online Training Course

Selecting ePayment Options Training Course

A training course providing an introduction to the world of eCommerce payments including an overview of the main eCommerce payment options that exist today, why businesses use alternative payments, how eCommerce payment options are grouped, as well as providing example providers, mind share, market share, and the major players. This training session also includes The Fraud Practice's Guide to Alternative Payments White Paper.

The training program is fantastic. You don’t have to download anything, it runs quickly and easily right on your web browser. You can pause, play and navigate through the lessons seamlessly.

E. Gallo
Director of Global Risk Management,
Retail Decisions