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Fundamentals for Selecting a Fraud Solution Provider

As an eCommerce merchant or professional you need to be well versed in the options, capabilities and limitations of the many different fraud prevention tools, techniques and providers available in the market. By attending this training session you will learn how to discuss and classify fraud prevention providers and tools in terms of their functional capabilities and use cases.

This course is offered individually for $200 or may also be bundled with The Fraud Practice's Fraud Solution Provider Competitive Landscape White Paper for $750.

This course was updated with expanded discussions on the many vendors and service types while classifying them within our vendor caregory groupings, and updating this to reflect changes in the fraud vendor landscape also updated in the white paper. Payment and risk market trends related to mobile payment methods and card association initiatives like 3D Secure 2.0 are also discussed, as well as updated global and regional eCommerce market forecasts through 2020 and beyond.

Training compatible with all mobile devices (HTML5).

Key Concepts Covered:

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After completing this course you should be able to answer and discuss the following questions:
(1) How many merchants use third party providers for fraud prevention and what are their motivations for using external vendors? (2) How do we group and categorize fraud solution providers based on their use cases and capabilities? (3) What are the major types of fraud tools and who are the vendors offering them today? (4) What alternative solutions do merchants have for mitigating fraud?

Training Objectives: (1) Be able to define different groups and segmentations of fraud solution providers while naming specific vendors that offer services in each of these categories. (2) Understand the steps to prepare for evaluating the market and individual fraud solution providers for use in your organization. (3) Understand the potential use and role of other fraud prevention solutions such as 3D Secure, credit bureau services, data breach providers and others.

Expected time to complete training: 90 minutes (includes quizzes and exam)

Course Applicability:

related courses Enroll Now for $200 Course & White Paper for $750

Prerequisites: This is considered an Introductory level course and requires no previous knowledge or training on the subject matter.

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related courses Enroll Now for $200 Course & White Paper for $750

Enroll Now for $200 Course & White Paper for $750

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related courses Enroll Now for $200 Course & White Paper for $750


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Online Training Course

Selecting a Fraud Solution Provider Training Course

A training session intended for organizations looking to gain an introductory understanding to the fraud solution marketplace and the fraud solution providers servicing that market. This course can also be bundled with the Fraud Solution Provider Competitive Landscape White Paper.

Taking this course provides 2 Fraud Related Continuing Profession Education (CPE) credit for maintaing CFE credentials with the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE). Find out more.

One of the key things I’ve taken away was that there were only a handful of fraud solution providers in the market a decade ago, and now there are over 100. The training program provides a more holistic approach to discussing the fraud vendors in the market and does a great job encompassing everything.

T. Hornbaker
eCommerce Certified Fraud Professional