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Confidence Indicator Services Technique Course & Data Sheet

  • As a new risk management technique, many organizations may not be familiar with or understand Confidence Indicator Services in the context of how it can be applied to their business and what it provides in terms of risk signals. The focus of this techinque course and data sheet are to provide this level of understanding, as Confidence Indicators are defined, described and discussed in the context how they work, where they fit, what signals they provide and how they are used.

  • From a technology stand-point, Confidence Indicators are defined as using a combination of advanced data analytics, behavioral biometrics and neuro-cognitive science. The signals these services provide are related of how someone completed an online application or form, described as a digital body language, that goes beyond relying solely on what the applicant said.

This course and data sheet discuss practical examples of how and where Confidence Indicator services are applied, including example questions relevant to online lending and credit risk, as well as insurance claims and fraud risk. This technique is discussed in terms of strengths and weaknesses, implementation and integration options, and a comparison of similiar solutions and vendors.

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Key Concepts Covered:

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After completing this course you should be able to answer and discuss the following questions:
(1) What are Confidence Indicator services and how do they apply to credit risk and fraud risk management? (2) Who are the vendors that offer Confidence Indicator services and what are the similiar or alternative solutions available? (3) What are the practical application and examples of using Confidence Indicators for risk management? (4) How long does it take and how easy it to implement these services and get them up-and-running?

Training Objectives: (1) Be able to define and discuss Confidence Indicators as a risk management technique in terms of how they work, how they are applied and where they fit in a risk program. (2) Understand the market need these services address and be able to discuss practical applications for fraud and credit risk management. (3) Understand the third party services market for Confidence Indicator, alternative and similar solutions.

Expected time to complete training: 30 minutes

Course Applicability:

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Prerequisites: This is considered an Introductory level course, but individuals should first become familiar with Confidence Indicators before beginning this course.

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The Confidence Indicator Services Technique course and accompanying data sheet provide a detailed overview of how this technique works, where it is applied, how it fits into a risk management strategy as well as vendors and alternative service offerings available in the market. The course and data sheet are an essential resource for banks and online lenders, insurance providers, financial services businesses and other organizations that have an on-boarding process or are considering the use of Confidence Indicator Services.

I have read fraud prevention books but none of them organize or quantify the topics in such a useful and practical way. Books I have come across are often too theoretical and broad, but this is more about solving real business problems.

E. Gallo
Director of Global Risk Management, Retail Decisions