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Understanding Apple Pay:
Overview and Market Impact Analysis

Since Apple Pay launched in October, 2014 it has made many media headlines. Millions of people know what Apple Pay is, but far fewer actually know how it works, who it impacts and why it’s important. With this online training course and accompanying white paper you can expect to first build a foundational level of knowledge related to the specifications, requirements and processes involved with Apple Pay payments. This is followed by detailed process flows for the primary steps of using Apple Pay, from adding payment cards to using Apple Pay in-store or within mobile applications, all the way through transaction authorization and settlement.

The primary components of what makes Apple Pay work are defined both in the context of Apple Pay as well as how it pertains to other methods of payment, while the market implications of Apple Pay and it’s features are explained in terms of how it impacts consumers, merchants, card associations, card issuers and payment processors.

Key Concepts Covered:

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After completing this course you should be able to answer and discuss the following questions:
(1) How does Apple Pay really work? (2) What must I do as a consumer/merchant/card issuer/acquirer to use, support or accept Apple Pay? (3) Why is the tokenization used with Apple Pay important? (4) What is different for a merchant accepting Apple Pay versus accepting the payment behind Apple Pay directly? What’s the same? (5) Who pays for Apple Pay and how much does it cost?

Training Objectives: (1) Gain a thorough understanding of the Apple Pay payment flow, the parties and steps involved, and how it works from a technical perspective – from the point a consumer adds a payment card through transaction settlement. (2) Understand the fraud and security considerations and implications of using or accepting Apple Pay from the perspective of consumers, merchants, issuers, card associations and payment processors. (3) Be able to discuss the significance of Apple Pay in the payments and risk landscape including how it impacts merchants, card issuers, card associations and acquirers as it pertains to the costs, benefits and risk management.

Expected time to complete training: 90-120 minutes (includes quizzes and exam)

Course Applicability:

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Prerequisites: This is an intermediate level course building off fundamental information about how eCommerce payment processing works. A solid foundation level knowledge in eCommerce payment card acceptance is strongly recommended, and these concepts are covered in the Introduction to eCommerce Credit Card Payments online training course.

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Online Training Course

Apple Pay market impact analysis

This course and accompanying white paper provide thorough discussions and detailed information on Apple Pay, including how it works on a technical level as well as the important considerations and impacts from the perspective of consumers, merchants, acquirers, card issuers and the card associations. Enrollment in the course includes a copy of The Fraud Practice's Apple Pay Overview & Analysis White Paper.

The content is broken down into bite sizes, which gives me the ability to take lesson if I have 30 minutes at the end of the day. When at home I know I can take a lesson or two and not need to invest a whole lot of time.

T. Lee
Director of Product Marketing, Transaction Network Services